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  • RMG 684 Gas pressure regulator

RMG 684 Gas Pressure Regulator

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08 / 05 / 2020
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PT. Surrama Tridaya Mandiri adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang usaha importir , distributor alat-alat instrument : flowmeter, gas detector, control valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, dll

Detail RMG 684 Gas Pressure Regulator

RMG 684 Gas pressure regulator

The BD-RMG 684 (The 684 series) is a high-pressure, automated fall-open key pad. In addition to fine control and strong lock-up performance, an auxiliary control system may also be used. Regulators BD-RMG 684 are transportation, processing and industrial facilities. The machine is completely fitted with the inner double valve package. The machine has a very high flow power and can be fitted with complete or limited valves. BD-RMG 684 is suitable for human, non-hostile and produced gases, oxygen, carbon dioxide and propane, as well as for other gasses on request. Regulator Gas

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