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NRS™ Needle Control Valves

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28 / 09 / 2022
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Detail NRS™ Needle Control Valves

NRS™ Needle Control Valves
Low Flow Gas & Liquid Flow Control Valves
Models 8503F / 8504F

The Brooks® NRS™ (non-rising stem) flow control valves are designed specifically for extremely low flow gas and liquid applications. Straight and 90° angle pattern models in stainless steel are available. Ideal for rotameters with needle valves, the line allows needle valve flow control by adjusting a sliding tapered needle. This prevents sticking caused by foreign matter in the fluid. These flow control valves are particularly suitable for precise control requirements and possess a high turns-to-lift ratio. The flow is constant for any given stem position.
Six needles with different tapers provide a wide choice of flow ranges. Needles and orifices can be changed without removing the valve body from the line (two different orifices are used, one for needle sizes 1-3, another for sizes 4-6).

- Smooth non-reversing flow characteristics
- Constant flow at any given stem position
- Fifteen turns full open to full close provides high turn-to-lift ratio for excellent resolution
- Six interchangeable needle tapers, each increases capacity by an approximate factor of three
- O-ring seal cannot be damaged by overtightening
- Panel mounting nuts included as standard
- 1/8" NPT connections integrally machined into body

For Use With
- Mass Flow Meters
- Variable Area Flow Meters
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