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05 / 12 / 2019
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PT. Surrama Tridaya Mandiri adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang usaha importir , distributor alat-alat instrument : flowmeter, gas detector, control valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, dll


GLOBE VALVES: 500M: VeCTor M Trim / 500D: VeCTor D Trim / 500J: VeCTor J Trim In severe services of high temperature and high differential pres-sure, KOSO' s multi-stage trim ( Pat.) promises accurate control and long life, free from cavitation erosion and noise problems, whether the fluid is compressive or non-compressive. This Series is multi-ad-vantageous in that its improved performance and durabitity allows maintenance cost reduction and system simplification. Since such ancillaries as diffusers and silencers are not necessary, equipment cost can be reduced too. From 500M, 500D and 500J, depending on the fluid condition, most suitable model can be selected comparing functions and prices. 501G: Cage Guided Control Valves 550G: Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves 501T: Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves 551T: Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves/ JIS10K and ANSI class 150 only 520T: Small Plug Single Seat Globe Valves 521F: 3-Way Diverting Globe Valves 531F: 3-Way Mixing Globe Valves 500R: Acid Resistant Type Globe Valves This series provides globe type control valves for controlling corrosive and/ or poisonous fluids. Body wetted parts are made of pure teflon and gland parts are completely sealed by bellows seal bonnet made of pure teflon. Body is coverd by cast iron or stainless body cover which is resistant to shock form outside. GATE VALVE 400H: Parallel Slide Valves ( PARA-SURA) Parallel slide has KOSO' s own design/ construction to realize very good and firm metal-to-metal touch sealing performance. Its execellent shut-off performance, brought about by the metal-to-metal sealing, makes it suitable to a variety of severe services, including emergency shut-off/ opening at extremely low to high temperature. BALL VALVE 210C: Concentric Segmental Ball Valves ( FLOWMAX C/ Wafer) 220C: Concentric Segmental Ball Valves ( FLOWMAX C/ Flanged) 230C: Concentric Segmental Ball Valves BUTTERFLY VALVES 710C: Concentric PARA-SEAL Valves' ( PARA-SEAL C) 710E: Eccentric PARA-SEAL Valves ( PARA-SEAL E/ Wafer) 720E: Eccentric PARA-SEAL Valves ( PARA-SEAL E/ Flanged) 600B: Butterfly Valves/ Casting Body type 600S: Butterfly Valves/ Fabricated Body type 610S: RING-SEAL type Butterfly Valves
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