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Durag D-R 320 Dust Monitor

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30 / 12 / 2021
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PT. Surrama Tridaya Mandiri adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang usaha importir , distributor alat-alat instrument : flowmeter, gas detector, control valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, dll

Detail Durag D-R 320 Dust Monitor

Durag D-R 320 Dust Monitor

The new scattered light dust monitor to detect lowest to medium dust concentrations in dry flue and process gas.

The D-R 320 is based on the back-scattered light principle. Thereby the light of a red laser diode illuminates the dust particles in the measuring volume of the flue gas duct. The light scattered backward by these particles is detected and evaluated.

A unique feature of the D-R 320 is the automatic background light compensation with means of a patented optical system with dual detector. This allows for an easy and quick Installation without any adjustment. A light trap is not required.


  • Single-sided installation without optical alignment
  • Automatic background light compensation without light trap
  • Automatic zero and reference point check
  • Automatic contamination control and correction
  • Integrated purge air regulation and purge air control
  • QAL1 certified according to EN 15267-3
  • Compliant with US EPA 40 CFR 60 PS11
  • Lowest certification range 0...7.5 mg/m3

Technical Data

Measuring principle Back scattering
Conformities CE
IED 2010/75/EU
US EPA 40 CFR 60 PS11
Certificates CE, QAL1 EN 14181 / EN 15267-1 / EN 15267-2 / EN 15267-3, MCERTS
Measuring location In situ, mounted at stack, device is not in contact with sample gas
Measuring sequence Continuous
System components D-R 320 M measuring head, sender/receiver unit
D-TB 200 supply unit
D-ISC 100 universal operation unit (option)
Self-check, protective functions Automatic zero and reference point check
Automatic contamination correction
Integrated purge air monitoring
Integrated purge air regulation
Fully-integrated fail safe shutter for protection at purge air failure (option)
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