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  • Durag D-R 220T Visibility Monitor

Durag D-R 220T Visibility Monitor

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30 / 04 / 2021
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PT. Surrama Tridaya Mandiri adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang usaha importir , distributor alat-alat instrument : flowmeter, gas detector, control valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, dll

Detail Durag D-R 220T Visibility Monitor

Durag D-R 220T Visibility Monitor

tool instrument

Visibility Monitor for road tunnels using optical transmission principle. Sensor for ventilation control system or fire alarm system. Reliable measurement parallel to the tunnel axis.

Overview :

  • measurement parallel to tunnel axis, continuous measurement
  • measurement along a distance of 10m, no spot measurement
  • corrosion resistant against tunnel atmosphere
  • determination and correction of the pollution of optical surfaces
  • measuring head and reflector can be exchanged quickly N
    – no tools required
    – no re-alignment required
  • signal transfer
    – per analog signal and relay outputs
    – per RS485 Modbus RTU
  • hermetically sealed housing - no gas diffusion to optics or electronics
  • dust protection tube prevents contamination of the optics
  • long maintenance intervals
  • quick and easy startup with or without PC
Benefit :
  • Precise visibility monitoring
    Transmission principle with compensation of pollution of the optical surfaces allows stable and precise measurement of the visibility
  • Easy system setup and autonomous operation
    Measuring device does not require an additional operation unit. Measuring devices can be replaced quickly with no tools or re-alignment required
  • Long Lifetime and extremely low maintenance requirements
    Use of durable components stand for low maintenance costs and a long Lifetime
  • Robust Design for a wide range of environmental conditions
    High-quality, corrosion-free plastic housing and a wide ambient temperature range
  • Easy connection due to configurable interfaces
    Connection to tunnel control system either via freely adjustable analogue output, relay or RS-485 Modbus RTU
  • Field-tested in road-tunnels
    Long-standing experience in various tunnel applications
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