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Bray Ball Valve Accessory Media Containment Unit

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04 / 09 / 2020
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Detail Bray Ball Valve Accessory Media Containment Unit

Bray Ball Valve Accessory Media Containment Unit

Size Range
1/4" to 10" (6.35mm to 254mm)
Accessory Type
Ball Valve Media Containment Unit
Valve Compatibility

Features & Benefits:

Flow-Tek's Media Containment Unit has been engineered to provide increased environmental protection and plant safety. In addition to the exceptional primary stem sealing capacity of Flow-Tek's ball valves, the MCU offers a secondary seal which can be monitored for early detection of stem leaks. The investment cast Stainless Steel unit is highly corrosion resistant and ideal for harsh environments.

Designed for both automated and manual service with Bray's modular line of automation accessories, the MCU is easily installed in the field onto existing Flow-Tek ball valves. The MCU lowers operating costs by reducing lost production time due to fugitive emissions and unscheduled maintenance.


TIGHT SEALING: Flow-Tek’s MCU features live-loaded stem sealing with Belleville springs that automatically compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuations, maintaining a leak-tight seal for extended cycle life. Multiple TFM V-ring stem packing provides the rigid secondary stem seal. A TFM gasket seals against possible leaks between the unit and valve.

LEAK DETECTION: A strategically placed monitoring connection allows the customer/operator to use a pressure gauge or sniffer sensor for early detection of primary stem seal leaks.

EXTENDED TEMPERATURE RANGE: The additional height of the MCU elevates the packing further away from the valve’s service media and potential temperature extremes. This allows for tight sealing in both high and low temperature applications.

SEALANT INJECTION: The MCU can be adapted with a button head check valve to inject sealant for a third seal or for emergency shut-off. An optional second port allows for a combination of monitors, check valve injection or pressure displacement line.

POSITIVE PRESSURE SEAL: A positive pressure seal can be accomplished by permanently connecting a pneumatic line to the unit to provide a positive pressure supply that barely exceeds the valve line operating pressure. This ensures against any possible valve stem leaks to the atmosphere.

MOUNTING EASE: The housing top pad and stem slot meet Flow-Tek’s Secure Mount standards for easy installation of handle or actuator. Installation and maintenance procedures (such as monitoring) can be performed while valve is under full pressure.

Triad Series, Series 7000/8000, Series S7500/S7700,
Series F15/F30, Series RF15/RF30, Series S85
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